Information on the Fridays’ trouble with the Close! decree due to Parker’s actions:


Is legal drama vibes??

Anyways: after “Close! The Book” passed in the season 11 elections, the following passage was added to the forbidden book:

This has been of great concern to the Fridays, as our traditional team culture has been to not have any permanent stadium, and simply place the bases down wherever the vibes are best. 

However, after discussing initial ballpark possibilities, we realized something: after the costs of helping our new crabs players move to join the team (including every citizen of Montgomery County, Maryland) and without the expected cash inflow from the Book’s currently suspended Section 6, subsection h. decree that redistributes the 1%’s wealth to the rest of the 99%, we simply do not have the budget to build a ballpark!

It is unreasonable of Parker and the ILB to expect such large scale construction from us, when they have removed one of our most consistent revenue streams.

If we were unable to build a stadium because of this, it 😉 sure 😉 would 😉 be 😉 a 😉 shame.
-The Hawai’i Fridays

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