Featured Evidence

As of Monday, Nov. 2, we have received over 80 pieces of evidence. We are thankful for all of it! Here, we wanted to highlight some of the “Featured Evidence”. These are statements from teams, or their respective law firms, or fancy looking legal documents.

Internet Broke

Our Internet broke and we couldn’t pay to fix it in time for season 11 because of this, impacting the Mints morale and also their overall ability to play. The Death Mints.


Information on the Fridays’ trouble with the Close! decree due to Parker’s actions: 🏝 Is legal drama vibes?? Anyways: after “Close! The Book” passed in the season 11 elections, the following passage was added to the forbidden book: This has been of great concern to the Fridays, as our traditional team culture has been toContinue reading “🏝”

The Blaseball Wiki

A phenomenal submission by the Blaseball Wiki team w/ the commentary: Arguing that the Commissioner and Ump Pope Sunman are bad at containing the chaos of Blaseball, and as such, naturally forgot to run Eat the Rich @BlaseballWiki (twitter account) (View the original .pdf here)

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