On Wednesday, October 21, 2020, the New York Millennials, on behalf of the 99%, filed a Class Action Lawsuit against Blaseball Commissioner & Chief Executive Officer Commissioner Prime Minister Parker MacMillan III & The Coin AKA “The Boss”.

The Mexico City Wild Wings Legal Team has set up this website to collect & display submitted evidence, and to provide a detailed historical record about the lawsuit to the Blaseball Community.

For a more objective account, please view the Blaseball Wiki Page on the topic.

Thank you,

Case Sports, Partner, Wild Wings Legal Team

Our own Brief Games (paralegal for Case Sports) was recently interviewed on Take Me Out to the Blallgame about the upcoming lawsuit! Give it a listen for a quick & entertaining way to get caught up on this lawsuit & the history of lawsuits in Blaseball:

This is a fan page and is not associated in any official capacity with Blaseball or The Game Band.

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