Sunbeams Comprehensive Emergency Manual (Excerpt)

An excerpt from the Hellmouth Sunbeams Comprehensive Emergency Manual, written by Nerd Pacheco before Eat the Rich failed to be enacted. It clearly shows that the Sunbeams rely on Eat the Rich for a substantial portion of their income, and expect that its power derives from the Book. If the rule is on the Books,Continue reading “Sunbeams Comprehensive Emergency Manual (Excerpt)”

You owe the Sunbeams manager $20, Parker.

Parker personally owes me, the manager of the Hellmouth Sunbeams Pseudo-official Twitter Account, twenty (20) American dollars. I don’t remember what it was for, specifically. A couple sandwiches, maybe. A used copy of Knack 2 for the PlayStation 4. But there is a debt, and that debt is unpaid. Consider this evidence as to theContinue reading “You owe the Sunbeams manager $20, Parker.”

More Fraud: Sunbeams Playoff Votes

The Sunbeams won the Finals and yet myself and many other beams did not receive a vote while others did. The coin promised equality and fair play and yet this is the opposite of equality. I find the Coin liable under Consumer Protection Laws for deceptive advertising. The FTC periodically joins with other law enforcementContinue reading “More Fraud: Sunbeams Playoff Votes”