Hawai’i Fridays Follower Personal Vibes Statement

Though I am new to the splort, I have gathered what I know to be a series of fundamental truths and rights of Blaseball fans. As a loyal, albeit fresh, follower of the Hawai’i Fridays, it deeply pains me to upset the vibes of any set of proceedings, but I feel I must speak. AllContinue reading “Hawai’i Fridays Follower Personal Vibes Statement”

Audio Entry: Tartarus Boatman Fund

The optimal experience for this evidence is through listening, so if you’re able, please listen by clicking the image above, or right here! It is really well done. However, if you’re not able or not in a position to do so, we’ve done our best to transcribe the piece below: (Spooky noises in the background)Continue reading “Audio Entry: Tartarus Boatman Fund”