Personal Impact Statement

A statement of personal impact from a member of the 1% who wanted to get eaten and didn’t, and who isn’t super happy about that. Filed in support of the Millenials and the 99%

Anonymous member of the 1%

A personal statement of impact

From a prospective member of the 1%, anonymously filed for the
attention of the court.

The nature of Eat The Rich is well known: It is decreed that the 99% of the population will feast on the wealthiest 1%. This has been the case since Season 3, when it was first introduced. On arrival to the cultural event of Blaseball, senior fans informed myself and others of this decree so that I may account for it when budgeting funds for the end of season when doing things such as purchasing upgrades, buying votes, or ensuring that the start of the next season had enough to bet with.

At the end of Season 10, I decided that I wanted to put myself forward for this and see my funds redistributed. As a prospective member of the 1% who was looking forward to being consumed, I was therefore dismayed when my wealth remained my own and Eat The Rich was not actioned.

As an established fan, I am in a position where my wealth can be recovered easily. I had a well-paying idol set out ahead of time, and maxed-out pendants to work with this. Begging for coins with which to bet is not exactly the most graceful of starts to a season, but it is a humbling experience I had braced myself for. It is a situation from which I was entirely capable and also willing to recover from.

Not only did not getting eaten deprive me of the ability to see my funds distributed out to others, it also deprived me of the ability to provide SIBR with research information about getting eaten. Like many others, I have a great deal of respect for the work done by SIBR, and was looking forward to an opportunity to participate in furthering the cause of science.

Being deprived of this chance also left me feeling dismayed and let down. Look. At the end of the day, the 99% need to eat, and that means there needs to be something there for them to eat. The job of the remaining 1% with the most wealth is to be eaten so they may sustain their peers. This is not a dirty thing, but should be regarded as an honour and a solemn duty. I considered it to be a point of pride that I was in a position where I could step forward for such a thing. I have personally witnessed a number of other players who are in greater need of these funds, such as those who are trapped with a negative coin balance, or just starting and trying to purchase their first improvements. How, in good conscience, can we rejoice on the first day of the season when our peers cannot?

In conclusion: This decree failing to be actioned has had a negative impact both on the 99%, who are now suing the Commissioner and The Coin, but on the 1% who were looking forward to having their wealth distributed fairly and for a good cause. We are hoping for a clean and


A member of the 1%

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