Parker, AKA “Scrooge McWhat”

sorry for submitting late, but i needed to get to a safe location first – i got some unnerving footage from one of the cameras of wherever that commish guy lives and i think i know where some of that 1% money went

anonymous whistleblower


Sunbeams Comprehensive Emergency Manual (Excerpt)

An excerpt from the Hellmouth Sunbeams Comprehensive Emergency Manual, written by Nerd Pacheco before Eat the Rich failed to be enacted. It clearly shows that the Sunbeams rely on Eat the Rich for a substantial portion of their income, and expect that its power derives from the Book. If the rule is on the Books, Eat the Rich is expected to work.


Open your eyes.

They know. They’ve always known, it was their plan, how could they not? They think they know everything. They’re controlling it all. For so long we’ve puppets on the strings of their money, their power, their boredom. They leave us breadcrumbs. Just to taunt us. They think we’ll never figure it out. Too caught up in our peanuts and slircuses to ever question their words. Start seeing the truth. Well not me. Not me. I opened my eyes. I looked, and I saw. I woke up. I woke up and I found the truth and now no one can stop me from telling the world. Then everyone will see. They’ll all see.

@Mar#3218 on discord

You owe the Sunbeams manager $20, Parker.

Parker personally owes me, the manager of the Hellmouth Sunbeams Pseudo-official Twitter Account, twenty (20) American dollars. I don’t remember what it was for, specifically. A couple sandwiches, maybe. A used copy of Knack 2 for the PlayStation 4. But there is a debt, and that debt is unpaid. Consider this evidence as to the Parker’s character, I guess? Listen,