Dale Turn Down Mysterious Money Laundering Offer

Leaked galley print of the first page of the Miami Herald. Embargoed, shared by an anonymous source. Transcript follows image (Editor’s note: thanks for providing the transcript Helps a lot with accessibility!) Certainly not Wave Larry. BELOVED BLASEBALL TEAM MIAMI DALE TURNS DOWN LAUNDERING DEAL By Wave Larry // Pictures by Mister Wife The MiamiContinue reading “Dale Turn Down Mysterious Money Laundering Offer”

Black Holes Are Impossible?

A page from my textbook, Gravitation and Cosmology: Principles and Applications pf the General Theory of Relativity (1972), showing, mlathematically and beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the black hole weather in season 11 is impossible. This is evidence of yet another fraud and injustice committed against the plaintiffs by the defendants.  Stleven Vine-berg,Continue reading “Black Holes Are Impossible?”