Spicy Milk Recipe

(editor’s note… ok, we’re sorry, but we’re putting all the spicy milk recipes in this post. We’re sorry. So so so sorry. Don’t drink spicy milk. Don’t make it. Don’t think about it. Close this page before you go any further. WE ARE SORRY.)

Pitching fuel recipe, as requested by the person who dropped this email to me


- 1/2 can Milkis (the yogurt one is probably the least disgusting one for this purpose)
- 4 oz milk or plant-based substitute
- Mexican-style hot sauce of choice, to taste (there's no way you'll know what it tastes like in advance)

1. Pour milk and Milkis into a microwavable mug.
2. Heat for however long it takes to make it warm; YMMV based on your microwave.
3. Add hot sauce and consume immediately after preparing, ideally over a sink or something in case you want to spit it out (or worse) because honestly this stuff is terrible. The vinegar will curdle dairy milk in about a minute, so don't wait.

Review: 1/10

A recipe for spicy milk as well as a bonus recipe for another unique milk beverage that I think clearly and unambiguously shows the guilt of the accused! 


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