Parker Confession?

(This probably isn’t legit, but someone submitted it, and it could be, right? We’re just passing along the evidence as we receive it.)

Found this on the commissioner’s desk, also accidentally scanned my spicy milk recipe so that’s my bad, but the Commissioner stuff is all legit.

jt islandemoji

Image text:

From the desk of Chief Executive Officer Commissioner Prime Minister CEO Parker MacMillan III:

I’m the CEO now so I’m going to embezzle all the money an run forever.

PS: Just for future reference, I’m gonna deny everything, including writing this, but just know I’m actually super 100% guilty.

PPS: The umps are also in on this, they will also try to deny it.


Chief Executive Officer Commissioner Prime Minister of the Internet League of Blaseball CEO Parker MacMillan III

(scanned on accident in the bottom corner: a partial recipe for spicy milk: 1x spice, 1x milk (carbonate?), Directions 1. Shake…)

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