Toast Guerta

An open letter from my client Toast Guerta

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An Absolute Disgrace

An open letter to the CEO Commissioner Prime Minister

“This is absolute horse sh*t.

Due to the league not having the ability to disperse critical funds to the bottom 99%, many people have had to make undue adjustments on their lives.

For Example,

Me, Toast Guerta, a normal fand citizen since day 1 has received every previous EAT THE RICH deposit into my bank account. However, now I have not received such compensation and cannot use my ETR payment as I normally would, buying copious amounts of Malört and chucking it into the Hellmouth.

Thats really about it though,

Like come on dude alll I wanna do is chuck that liquor into the gaping hellmouth. Maybe take Arturo out for a date, who knows?

So consider this, Parker,

Just give me my ETR payment, it’s easy, I know you can do it, and hell yeah I’m submitting this as evidence. We’re coming for ya buddy and you can’t do anything about it.

Love, Toast Guerta

Signed season 11, Day 99

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