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Rather than give every meme submitted its own post, we’re going to collect all of the things here that left us chuckling and/or scratching our heads a bit about why it was submitted. This post will be added to as more submissions of this variety come in. All posts are formatted as follows:


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He keeps stressing me out!!! this has nothing to do with the case he justt keeps stealing my pens and i want you to get his ass for me

Assistant manager jane business

“Green Sus”


An artistic interpretation of my dejection at not being able to enjoy the process of eating the rich

Yeah sure, go ahead. I’m sure that this is some good, delicious evidence.

My vibes were irreparably damaged


Character witness against the defendant: How are we supposed to trust our commissioner when he won’t even say Cell Barajas?

Yes, I stand by my words

I once saw Parker post “what” on twitter. That’s parobably pretty danging evidence of something.

Why wouldn’t I? Oh gosh… is there a reason I shouldn’t?

The boss


parker stole my lunch money

Miriam Webster

After joining Blaseball and supporting the crabs in season 8, I was compensated for their wins. But after the Coin appeared, and the Crabs ascended, I received no compensation for their 1 (one) win.


An image of how I was effected by not reciving EtR payout


Eat the Rich with shredded cheese

I’m hungry and the rich are just sitting there, uneaten. How could you?!

Da Mills baby

I’ve got nothing, gonna be honest

i mean if you can sure, but i dont think this is going to help

The Taco Identification chart, which identifies all things as tacos, including but not limited the ILB in all shapes and forms. Conclusion: the ILB is edible. 

The Bird of Communications, Taco Scientist 

I was going to buy buffalo…. Now I can’t….

Buffalo McWingface

Once I ate candy and I think it was expired and this girl sold it to me for 2 bucks but I’m sure it was only worth 1.5 bucks

the cute dog in the photo 🙂

I’m just hanging out, keepin it wavy baby yeah. But also we gotta eat that coin for sure. The coin is not vibes. Anyway the evidence is just my weird dog. She would eat the coin


I love MeatCute and MeatCute loves everyone


My coin account at the beginning of the season, reading 26 coins




I was hungry and didnt get dinner


I did not receive my money as a member of the 99%


I’m providing nothing as evidence. This evidence presented is the total lump sum of coins I was presented with at the end of season 10, and pending litigation, 11 too. As a relative newcomer to this wonderful splort, beginning at the end of season 8, the lack of eating the rich directly harmed my experience going forward.


(Above is a white .png called “nothing.png”. It is as advertised)

Screencap of my financial state, in which I hold 1882 Coins and 1600 Votes (red circle added for emphasis). Evidence to support the fact I relied on Eat the Rich to invest my wealth in Votes so as to not lose those Coins to being eaten, as I had accumulated a total of ~150K Coins before the Election.


proof that eat the rich is in fact still in the book! (sorry if this has already been submitted)


Attached is an image of my bank account after the CEO’s negligence to disperse 2 vital Eat The Rich Funds.

My empty wallet due to the lack of ETA

Anonymous picture provided to Case Sports.

Parker stole my rights.

Hello is this how graphs work

A musing as to if the coin is false…that ended up becoming a haiku.


As a new follower of the league, the failure of the Commissioner to enforce his Eat the Rich Decree has hamstrung my potential earnings and has disenfranchised us new recruits. I don’t understand how I am meant to are love blaseball in this economy without redistributive policy.

NY Millenials

Eat the Rich!

Dark Seattle

Comment: I hereby submit a spiced milk

Comment: Some bloke at the pub told me everything, it’s all true! I think he was called Bob? Bobert? Something like that.

Someone named Bob or Bobert

Comment: ham and cheese sandwich for the evidence team, have a nice lunch 


 – Desisto

Comment: Eyewitness testimony circ. Sept 2020, colorized. – Nyatalie

the commisioner, for NO REASON AT ALL, does not know who carl is! this clearly means that the commisioner is not to be trusted! also i can conform that i, did in fact witness the rich not being eaten.

someone who loves carl

sinistar hungers, let us eat the rich please, it’s for your own good.

someone who fears sinistar



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