Hawai’i Fridays Follower Personal Vibes Statement

Though I am new to the splort, I have gathered what I know to be a series of fundamental truths and rights of Blaseball fans. As a loyal, albeit fresh, follower of the Hawai’i Fridays, it deeply pains me to upset the vibes of any set of proceedings, but I feel I must speak. AllContinue reading “Hawai’i Fridays Follower Personal Vibes Statement”

Define “Great”

In the interest of not having the case be decided solely by the fact that “The commissioner is doing a great job”, I have compiled a PowerPoint showing that there are, in fact, several possible definitions of “great”, and that that statement does not prove which one it is using. I take the bold stanceContinue reading “Define “Great””

Interpretation of Guy Flieri’s Sauce Stains

Superior Court of the Immaterial Plane. Sunbeams Court Wild Wings Legal Team, Case Sports BEGIN TRANSCRIPT (Three figures in hooded orange robes and Chicken masks address the camera.) CHIPOTLE: Is this thing on…Yes there’s the little red light. Um…so we are here to give evidence. GARLIC: You should say who we are. CHIPOTLE: Good point.Continue reading “Interpretation of Guy Flieri’s Sauce Stains”

Spies Code?

(Note: We don’t currently have a cryptographer on staff. Help?) QRSNZNGVBA PBCLEVTUG VASEVATRZRAG HFR BS VZNTR Gallium UPDATE, from the “Wings’ Forensic Team” which apparently does exist: 13 reads: Defamation Copyright Infringement, use of image. So… take from that what you will.