Classified Spy Document

A classified spy document. It’s mostly still redacted, but I think the non-redacted parts should still be useful. And maybe you can magically un-redact it. Also, you can’t tell anyone who sent you this, for security reasons. In fact, you can’t tell people anyone sent this at all. If anyone asks, you found this stuckContinue reading “Classified Spy Document”

Dale Turn Down Mysterious Money Laundering Offer

Leaked galley print of the first page of the Miami Herald. Embargoed, shared by an anonymous source. Transcript follows image (Editor’s note: thanks for providing the transcript Helps a lot with accessibility!) Certainly not Wave Larry. BELOVED BLASEBALL TEAM MIAMI DALE TURNS DOWN LAUNDERING DEAL By Wave Larry // Pictures by Mister Wife The MiamiContinue reading “Dale Turn Down Mysterious Money Laundering Offer”

More Fraud: Sunbeams Playoff Votes

The Sunbeams won the Finals and yet myself and many other beams did not receive a vote while others did. The coin promised equality and fair play and yet this is the opposite of equality. I find the Coin liable under Consumer Protection Laws for deceptive advertising. The FTC periodically joins with other law enforcementContinue reading “More Fraud: Sunbeams Playoff Votes”

Black Holes Are Impossible?

A page from my textbook, Gravitation and Cosmology: Principles and Applications pf the General Theory of Relativity (1972), showing, mlathematically and beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the black hole weather in season 11 is impossible. This is evidence of yet another fraud and injustice committed against the plaintiffs by the defendants.  Stleven Vine-berg,Continue reading “Black Holes Are Impossible?”

Parker Confession?

(This probably isn’t legit, but someone submitted it, and it could be, right? We’re just passing along the evidence as we receive it.) Found this on the commissioner’s desk, also accidentally scanned my spicy milk recipe so that’s my bad, but the Commissioner stuff is all legit. jt islandemoji Image text: From the desk ofContinue reading “Parker Confession?”