More Internal Crabs Documents

(The Crabs really need to tighten up their operational security. Kind of embarrassing… again, we can’t verify if this is real or not.) Comment: THIS IS A VERY NORMAL DOCUMENT AND NOT AT ALL AN INTERNAL CRABS LLC MEMO ABOUT AN UPDATE TO THE EAT THE RICH BLESSING DATED BEFORE THE START OF SEASON 11.Continue reading “More Internal Crabs Documents”

Audio Entry: Tartarus Boatman Fund

The optimal experience for this evidence is through listening, so if you’re able, please listen by clicking the image above, or right here! It is really well done. However, if you’re not able or not in a position to do so, we’ve done our best to transcribe the piece below: (Spooky noises in the background)Continue reading “Audio Entry: Tartarus Boatman Fund”

An Open Letter from the Yellowstone Magic

Comment submitted with document, by Mar (She/Her) (Author) and Em (They/Them) (Scribe): An open letter from the Magic announcing our formal support for the Millenials, in which lay out our need for ETR and also warn that the world might end if the Mills lose. Just putting it out there. This is not a threat,Continue reading “An Open Letter from the Yellowstone Magic”